Meet Russ who owns and runs Easy Insurance Inc in Colorado. Russ has been in the business for nearly 30 years - and a member of bolt access since July 2017.

Here’s what Russ had to say.

I joined bolt access for the market access, it’s as simple as that. Sure, there are other options out there, but bolt access has the best reputation – and I refuse to join an aggregator that controls our book of business.

To be honest, the business has always done well, particularly in the health and benefits lines. But market access is something that’s critically important to our agency. Because just like bolt access, I’ve built the business on reputation and relationships. As I say on the website, “our commitment to our clients is never ending”. For me, this means being able to have the competitive edge with a range of choice and price. People today expect that. 

So, I’d already heard good things about bolt access, and obviously reputation means a lot in this business. But as something of an industry veteran, I read the small print in detail. I wanted to know exactly what I was getting and how the business worked from their end. Ultimately, I realized I had nothing to lose. As bolt access says to all their agents: if you do well, we do well. It made perfect sense to me as a win:win type of scenario. This is something else I say to our clients “Believe it or not, we are on your side!” I guess I’m now benefitting from this exact same philosophy. 

What’s great is how fast you can see the results. Instant access means instant results. My customers were thrilled and I’ve never looked back. In fact, thanks to bolt access, I can now offer my clients unparalleled market access with carriers that would never normally work with a small agency like mine. 

What I hadn’t banked on were the other member perks such as a truly flexible contract: we get to keep our book of business and the fees are more than fair. Not only that but the customer support is super-fast and responsive. I always feel like they’ve got my back. In fact, it’s like having another team right behind you. 

I should also add that from the user experience side, the quoting engine is not only fast but easy. I’m an insurance guy not an IT guy but this software is incredible - and is one of the main reasons I can obtain a bind ratio of over 18%. Just put in a few basic details and get a fast and simple quoting engine, with bolt access taking care of all the carrier contracts. That’s another thing. I can trust bolt access to take care of the details which is important to me too.

bolt access is now my first option when quoting clients – in fact, it counts for about 85% of my P&C insurance business. In the end, the numbers speak for themselves. The business has almost doubled in size since I became a member less than four years ago. Now that’s efficient!