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"We understand the importance of small businesses – and we want to thank independent insurance agents for helping insure them! Independent agents provide protection and peace of mind to small business owners every day. Independent insurance agencies are often small businesses as well, helping to protect their communities. Saturday November 25th is Small Business Saturday. Help celebrate by shopping small in your community! According to the Small Business Administration, there are upwards of 30 million small businesses in the United States, which accounts for 99.9% of all firms. Small businesses are everywhere! Small businesses are responsible for 64% of new jobs and 44% of the United States private payroll. Small businesses keep communities thriving, the economy strong, and unemployment rates low. Independent insurance agencies play an important role in helping small businesses. Since independent insurance agents aren’t bound to a single carrier, they can often quote multiple carriers to provide options to business owners. Small business owners have more flexibility with independent insurance agents to find the coverage limits that provide the most value for what they need. Independent agents are also there for small businesses before and after the sale. A brand new small business owner may need help understanding insurance terminology and what lines of business are recommended. When it comes time to renew coverage, an independent insurance agent can help compare new quotes and adjust coverage limits. Small businesses are an important part of keeping communities strong! We’re proud to work with independent insurance agencies who help insure small businesses so they are able to thrive. Superior Access supports independent agencies by providing access to carriers and markets so agents can grow their business. We offer access to both personal and commercial markets so you can help insure and protect small businesses. See what else makes us the ultimate online network for the independent agent here."

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