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"Marketing Tactics for Insurance Agents and Brokers If you're running an independent insurance agency, then you'll need to know how to market your business. Good marketing lets consumers know where to turn when they need an insurance policy, and helps keep you fresh in the mind of potential customers. Here's a handy guide to insurance agent marketing. Websites First of all, be sure that you have a well-established online presence. In this day and age, a good website is no longer a luxury—it's a must. Be sure that your website contains all the most important information about your business, and that it's optimized for use on every device. Many of your potential customers will be researching you on their phones. Social Media You should also ensure that your business has a presence on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other networks are all excellent tools for connecting with individual customers, and LinkedIn can help you reach out to other businesses. You don't have to post every day, but it's best if your pages have regular activity on them. Online Marketing You should also consider other forms of Internet marketing, including pay-per-click ads, content marketing, email campaigns, and search engine optimization. Information on these forms of marketing is readily available online, but if you don't feel comfortable handling them yourself you can also hire an agency to help you. Traditional Advertisements If you're planning on staying small initially, though, or only want to focus on local projects, offline marketing might be more effective. One option is to market through traditional channels, such as fliers, radio, local TV, or direct mail. Community Connections However, on tight budgets you may find that you’ll have more luck if you focus on building connections with the community. For example, you can sponsor local events such as sports competitions or charity fundraisers; you can also offer free giveaways of branded items. It might also be a good idea to enter a referral agreement with other agents. Here at Superior Access, we want your agency to succeed. With these handy tips and a little creativity, creating an insurance broker marketing plan should be a snap."

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