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"Professionals, including insurance agents, need to understand how critical it is to invest in people as opposed to ideas. Building relationships is vital, and a great way to start building those foundations is to make other people feel important. Many professionals wonder how to make someone feel important without coming off as condescending. Fortunately, there are some proven best practices for making sure you attain a customer for life. Be Courteous With Everyone This should go without saying, but when you are respectful toward someone else, he or she will, more times than not, show the same respect toward you. Even if you are not actively trying to acquire a new client, it is important to establish a good reputation within the community. You should also express your concern where appropriate. For example, if a person comes to you asking about flood or earthquake insurance policies, then you know this person is thinking about potential disasters. Be kind and reassuring during this period of time. Never Complain or Criticize Naturally, you do not want to criticize other people to their faces. You also do not want to criticize someone else who could potentially be a client. It gives off the impression you may do this to anyone, and the person you are speaking with now could become your next target. Focus more on what you enjoy your profession and how you enjoy working with the other people at your company. Listen Instead of always talking about yourself or your company, you should set aside time during the meeting to ask the other person his or her opinion. You do not even have to necessarily ask about subjects related to the meeting. You can simply get to know a person better. Show that you actually care about getting to know the person rather than only caring about selling a product or service. Show Admiration Toward Accomplishments or Traits Learning how to make someone feel special can be as easy as complimenting someone on something they own or did. Complimenting a piece of jewelry or showing a genuine interest in someone else’s profession makes a person feel good. It shows you take notice when other people put in an effort. A simple compliment is the easier answer to the question: “How do you make customers feel important?” Agree Often People do not want to work with others who are always complaining or disagreeing with another person’s opinion. This does not mean you have to become a yes-man. You can make your opinions known, but state them in a constructive manner where it is clear you are trying to resolve the issue. Additionally, it is also important to know to pick your battles. Do not nitpick every little detail. Instead, focus on the issues that matter most. Raise People’s Self-Esteem Avoid passing judgment on others, especially if you do not have all the facts. If people feel good around you, then they are more likely to give you their business. Even if people could get lower prices somewhere else, the fact you made them feel special means they are more likely to pay a little more to avoid stress. Say “Thank You” It is amazing how far a simple “Thank you” goes. Always thank people for their time after a meeting. Additionally, if someone provides you with good feedback or offers a good idea, then thank him or her for it. This creates a sense of understanding, and that person is more likely to go to you when he or she comes up with other ideas. No matter what level of an organization you stand at, you want to display the qualities of a leader. You want to inspire others to follow you. To get that kind, courteous and professional service, you need to get in touch with Superior Access. Send us a message through our online contact form to learn more about our services."

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